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Jan 9, 2019 | Posted by C.T.

My daughter was 8 years old when all of her baby teeth were gone and we were referred to Dr. Monroe by our general Dentist. The experience has been an absolute joy. Our daughter had severe crowding, an overbite and teeth were coming in, in front of other teeth. Our Dentist told me when she was 3 years old that she would need braces and Dr. Monroe and his team made the entire process something to look forward to. We have been kept well informed of current progress and anticipated progress and what to expect next. The office is happy to answer any questions and are just as pleased with her progress as we are. The office has a nice atmosphere, there’s never a long wait from your appointment time until you see the doctor. The staff are always pleasant and happy and Dr. Monroe always takes the time to talk about progress and answer questions. I could see the difference in her teeth within the first two months. Apart from the healthy mouth and teeth benefits, having braces has helped my daughter’s self esteem and her self confidence. She had stopped smiling with her mouth open before she got her braces on, she had stopped smiling much at all really, and within days of getting her braces on she started smiling with her mouth open again and has not stopped. I couldn’t have given her a better gift than to feel good about herself and Dr. Monroe and his team have done that.