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This office is incredible! They are nice, friendly and I have a beautiful smile! :)

My orthodontist is fabulous!

First off: The waiting room very clean and always well stocked with magazines and now, a new flat screen. The receptionists are always really sweet and were great when I got sick and had to reschedule a cleaning.

Dr. Dixit is very nice, always a professional and super efficient with time. I've never had to wait more than 10 minutes before she comes into the room. I had a couple of cavities filled and I never felt a thing. She also helped with my night grinding. I used to wake up and have pain opening my mouth after clenching all night. Dr. Dixit recommended a mouth guard and custom fit it so that it doesn't go all the way back and makes me gag. She rocks.

Bonus: there is a tv screen to watch dvds like blue planet IN the room while you're under the drill ;-)

Angel and Rose, her assistants are wonderful. Always really kind and very helpful.

All in all, I've never had a phobia about Dentists before, and I don't have one now thanks to Dr. Dixit and her amazing team.

This place is like a Dental Empire. Seriously.

Though I had to wait over 2 months to finally get an appointment as a new patient, it was well worth the wait. The staff is large - there must have been at least 30 people working here. After a moderate wait, I was taken first to the X-ray wing to get my teeth paparazzied. Then back to the waiting room before they escorted me to get my teeth checked out my one of the 6 dentists working. Then back to the waiting room and escorted again to another section of the floor to get my teeth cleaned by a hygienist. Overall, my appointments, both at 10 and 10:30 (one for cleaning and the other for x-rays and dental check-in) took about 2 hours.

Overall, everyone was very professional and friendly. The facility itself is very clean and chic (and on the 5th floor, which affords a great view of the neighborhood!), and they even have a full-time cleaning gal going around the waiting areas to re-sort the magazines! Parking costs a few bucks at their private lot.